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First of all, you dont know me.
Second of all, you dont know me.


dear body,
I try. I don’t love you the way I’m supposed to, but I swear, I try.

dear hands,
stick to art. you keep trying to hold everything and everyone together at the same time but you’re always going to be too small.

dear feet,
the poems that he wrote you are not your breadcrumbs, they will not lead you home. you know better than to follow roads that lead nowhere.

dear eyes,
you are failing me. people are starting to ask questions. you’re showing too much. conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.

dear tears,
don’t waste yourselves. save yourselves for a rainy day.

dear neck,
your base is more than a home for his empty promises.

dear mouth,
I know these secrets are burning at your lips but I beg you, don’t open your gates. I’m not ready.

dear skin,
their knives are getting sharper. you need to be thicker.

dear mind,
I can feel you slipping. you need to rest, please, don’t go. if I could shake you of all the memories that claw at you I would. you don’t deserve this.

dear smile,
I miss how real you used to be.

dear body,
you were beautiful before he said you were, even before the word beautiful was created.

dear body,
forgive me.


m.f.a, letters to my body (via more-fa)

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